cumulus clouds

MUSCATEN Nordic Network

MUSCATEN is an acronym for “Towards Multi-Scale Modelling of the Atmospheric Environment” – a project funded by

(Nordic Research Board) and to be implemented during 2010 – 2012. MUSCATEN is a successor of Nordic network NETFAM.

"Scientific and operational developments in both numerical weather prediction (NWP) modelling and atmospheric chemistry-transport (ACT) modelling for air pollution assessments have so far been mainly performed by separate communities, with different sources of funding and different practical goals. The current integration of atmospheric sciences driven by common concerns on climate change, potential increased impact of hydro-meteorological hazards and the recognition by policy-makers of the important role of atmospheric sciences for environmental planning and management has generated the need for a closer collaboration, integration and synergies between these communities. This MUSCATEN-proposal aims principally at creating a scientific and training platform towards these needs and objectives, taking on board, the expertise reached by Nordic countries on these various topics to deepen, broaden and promote it." (from the MUSCATEN project proposal)

Young Scientists Summer School

MUSCATEN is preparing 2nd Young Scientists Summer School (YSSS-2011) on “Integrated Modelling of Meteorological and Chemical Transport Processes / Impact of Chemical Weather on Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling” in Odessa, Ukraine, 3-9 July 2011.

MUSCATEN National Teams

There are 11 national teams, each representing institutes of its country:

Danish Meteorological Institute
Department for Geophysics at the University of Copenhagen

Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Tartu
Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

Finnish Meteorological Institute
Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki

National Research Center, Meteo-France
Department of Aerology at the University of Toulouse

Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technologies, University of Liepaja
Transport and Telecommunication Institute

Department of Hydrology and Climatology at the University of Vilnius
Siauliai University
Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service

Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Department for Geosciences at the University of Oslo

Russian State Hydrometeorological University
Main Geophysical Observatory / Air Pollution Modelling and Forecasting Laboratory
North-Western Roshydromet (Hydrometeorological Centre of Saint-Petersburg)

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Department of Meteorology at the University of Stockholm
Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Uppsala

Odessa State Environmental University

Company Horfur, Laboratory for Climate and Sea-Ice studies